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Equinade Animal and Leather Care Products

Our products are designed to care for your horse at many levels from Coat care to Animal Health Products. All our products are made in Australia by an Australian owned company and understand the needs of your animals in this harsh climate.

Dont forget to check out our Pooches n Cream range for your dog care.

Equinade Family out for a ride
Leather Care

Glycerine Leather Soap

Liquid Leather Soap

Synthetic Harness Cleaner

Original Leather and Saddle Oil

Premium Light Neatsfoot Oil

Coconut Leather Conditioner

ShowSilk Coat Care

Showsilk Shampoo Concentrate

Showsilk Protein Conditioner

Showsilk Glo-Colour Shampoos

Showsilk Glo-White Shampoo

Showsilk Hair Polish

Showsilk Mighty Bright

Hoof Care

Hoof Lube-Black

Hoof Lube

Hoof Grease

Glo-Sho Clear Enamel

Black Jack Enamel

Hoof Salve

Animal Health

Pure Raw Linseed Oil

Pure Stockholm Tar



Rug Seal

Heavy Duty Disinfectant Cleaner

Proudly Australian Made & Owned