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Contract Manufacturing

We offer a range of contract manufacturing services from labeling, filling, capping and packaging your products, to working with you create a unique product to meet your needs, or manufacturing a product you have already perfected.

Aus Fill and Label provides a fast, top quality service every time. We will package your products according to your needs and specifications. With more than 40 years expertise in the manufacturing industry, our production standards have been developed to ensure a high quality finish for every item.


What do we do?
Liquid fill - an injection pump system is used to accurately measure the quantity poured into each bottle. The liquid can be heated for a hot fill, if necessary.
Label cylindrical bottles - an automatic labelling machine will perfectly place each label in the same position on every bottle.
Cap seal bottles - a capping machine will seal each bottle machine tight.
Package goods - bottles can be packaged into cartons provided or shrink wrapped onto a pallet.

Aus Fill and Label is ideal to use when...

  • You do not have the right equipment for the job

  • You do not want to invest in the equipment for the job

  • Your current workload is too heavy to complete the job in-house

  • You have a "once-off" job, trial product or have a small volume

  • You have a large volume job that cannot be completed in-house

  • You do not have the staffing expertise

  • It costs you more to do the job in-house

We are happy to quote on all types of jobs - no job is too big or small.

CONTACT US now for your quote!

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