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A premium blend of waxes and oils, including coconut oil to preserve and protect all leather goods. Deliciously fragranced with coconut oil. Leaves a luxuriously soft finish.

Coconut Leather Conditioner


Equinade Coconut Leather Conditioner is a premium leather care product for use on all leather goods. It is deliciously fragranced with coconut oil so that caring for your leather is a pleasurable experience.

What are the benefits of using Equinade Coconut Leather Conditioner?

  • Leaves leather feeling luxuriously soft
  • Contains premium quality, natural ingredients
  • Protects leather from the elements and wear
  • Preserves leather to ensure a long, useful life
  • Contains a carefully selected blend of waxes and oils
  • Deliciously fragranced with coconut oil
  • Great for saddles, bridles, harness, luggage, boots, belts, upholstery, car interiors and all fine leather products

Available in a convenient 220g tub from your local produce or equestrian store.

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