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May help control bacterial diseases in horses’ hooves, such as thrush, greasy heel, shelly hooves, seedy toe and skin irritations such as insect bites, rain scald, girth rash and minor cuts.

Hoof & Skin Salve


Equinade Hoof & Skin Salve is an anti-bacterial cream that has been designed to aid various hoof problems. It can also be very beneficial for some skin conditions and abrasions. Anti-bacterial agents combined with natural nourishing oils and waxes, work to protect hooves from bacterial and fungicidal infections and also harsh enviromental conditons. Regular use of Equinade Hoof & Skin Salve can help prevent problems from developing, especially when your horse’s hooves are exposed to extreme conditions such as very hot, dry or wet weather.

The benefits of using Equinade Hoof & Skin Salve are that it:

  • aids bacterial and fungal infections of the hoof and skin, such as greasy heel, mud fever and thrush
  • helps to heal sand cracks, splits and hoof brittleness
  • helps to heal some skin irritations, such as insect bites, rain scald, girth rash, small cuts and abrasions
  • can reduce the amount of time needed to recover from prolonged ailments
  • contains natural ingredients
  • does not contain camphor (therefore won't swab positive for racing horses)
  • is Australian made with Australian ingredients

Equinade Hoof & Skin Salve is available in 450g and 850g screw top jars from your local pet, produce and equestrian stores.

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