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May provide fast, effective relief from pain, such as tendon sprain, muscular strain, shin soreness and arthritis. The premium quality ingredients penetrate quickly to stimulate circulation. Great for working and racing animals. May be diluted with water to use as a refreshing rinse.

Equinade Liniment


Equinade Liniment is a unique formulation designed to provide faster relief from stiffness and pain in racing and working animals. The premium quality ingredients penetrate quickly to stimulate the circulation of blood to joints and muscles which assists the body to minimise aches and pains.


Regular application of Equinade Liniment can help to relieve the following painful problems: muscular strain, rheumatism, shin soreness and tendon sprain.


For use as a bracer/skin tightener before work, a refreshing leg wash or hosing down after work, simply dilute with equal parts of water and then apply.

Normal training and working schedules can be maintained when Equinade Liniment is used to reduce the impact of aches, pains and stiffness.


Equinade Liniment has been used for more than 30 years in the racing industry and has never caused a positive swab test. For assurances against positive swabs, do not use 24 hours prior to racing.

Available in 250ml, 500ml, 2.5lt and 20lt bottles from your local produce, pet or equestrian store.

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