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Pooches n Cream Fragrance. Contains anti-bacterial agents to destroy odours. For use directly on your pet or in many areas, including bedding and carpet.

Pooches n Cream Pet Deodoriser


Pooches n Cream Pet Deodorisers will keep your pet smelling great, even between washes. Two smaller sizes are conveniently packed in spray bottles to make it easy to use anywhere, and any time.

Larger sizes are available as refills which are great for groomers, kennels and catteries.

There are 3 fantastic fragrances available: Fantasia Bloo, Pooches n Cream and Opium Serenade.

Why are Pooches n Cream Pet Deodorisers great for you and your pet to use?

  • Leaves a pleasant fragrance which lingers for days
  • Contains bio-degradable ingredients which makes it safe to use directly on your pet's coat
  • Contains anti-bacterial agents to help destroy stubborn odours
  • Gentle and safe for use on puppies and kittens

Suitable to deordorise:

  • Pets
  • Pet litter
  • Pet bedding
  • Pet vests
  • Your car
  • Cages, kennels and catteries
  • Around the home - carpets, couches and more!
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