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100% pure Swedish pine tar. For treatment of corns, split hooves, cracks and minor kin or hoof infections. A natural antiseptic to help heal skin wounds and hoof diseases, such as thrush.

Pure Stockholm Tar


Equinade Pure Stockholm Tar is made from 100% pure genuine Swedish pine tar. Since the 1400s, the best tar in the world has come from the dense pine forests in Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm held a monopoly for selling pine tar and so the premium form of the product became known as "Stockholm Tar". Substitute materials are marketed as stockholm tar, but should not be used as a veterinary product. Whilst black in colour, the substitute is a residue of charcoal
production (poly phenolic liquor) which contains hazardous chemicals and up to 22% water. Coal tar is also used as a substitute which contains the toxic and hazardous benzopyrene (C2OH12). This is why Equinade uses the natural, premium Stockholm Tar and packs it in it's purest form. This high quality pine tar is produced using closed kilns to extract the valuable sap, without toxic bi-products being produced eg; creosote.

Equinade Pure Stockholm Tar has a variety of benefits and uses:

  • Non-toxic and does not contain water, petroleum based chemicals or carcinogenic creosote
  • The natural antiseptic action helps to combat bacterial infections of the hoof and skin, including thrush
  • Assists in the treatment of split hooves, split heels, cracks and corns. Promotes a flexible and elastic hoof
  • A valuable ingredient to make preparations such as soap, shampoo, animal dips and hoof applications.
  • Other applications include sealing and preventing infection of shearing wounds and when dehorning.
  • Also a natural way of sealing exposed branches after pruning.

Equinade Pure Stockholm Tar is available in 500ml, 1lt, 2lt, 4lt, and 20lt at your local produce, pet or equestrian store.

**500ml size now available in convenient screw top jar**

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