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Waterproofing treatment for cotton canvas. Resists mildew, dry rot and water. Ideal for paddock rugs, tents, tarpaulins and awnings. May be applied by brush or by spraying.

Rug Seal


Are your cotton canvas rugs looking tired and jaded? Equinade has an easy and economic solution to add new life to your rugs and canvas goods. Equinade Rug Seal is an excellent re-proofing formula to restore the water repellent finish to your used cotton canvas and rugs. It can be applied easily with a brush, roller or by spraying and has no fumes.

Suitable for fabrics with a 30% or more cotton content.

Available in 1 lt, 2.5 lt and 20 lt bottles from your local equestrian or
produce store along with the complete range of Equinade products.

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