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Equinade Stable Hands Sanitiser contains 70% alcohol and instantly kills 99.9% of germs. No water required! Keep safe by using before and after contact. Available in portable 125ml liquid spray, 500ml gel pump pack and 2.5L gel refill.

Stable Hands Sanitiser

$8.03 Regular Price
$6.02Sale Price

When heading out and about with your horse or pony, think about how many surfaces your hands come into contact with? The float doors, the service station you stop at for fuel and snacks on the way to and from events, shared equipment at your riding school, opening and closing gates...the list goes on! Time at home with an illness means time away from riding.

Unfortunately, soap and water are often impractical or not always handy when you’re not at home, or you’re in the stables. Equinade Stable Hands Sanitiser is an instant hand sanitiser that is a quick and easy solution for cleaning your hands on the go. No soap and water is required, and it dries quickly, leaving your hands sanitised, and soft. Equinade Stable Hands Sanitiser contains 70% alcohol to instantly kill 99.9% of germs on contact.

What are the benefits of using Equinade Stable
Hands Sanitiser

  • Substantially reduces germs on hands
  •  Requires less time than hand washing
  • Easily accesible & portable
  • Self drying 
  • Gentle and moisturising on skin, causing less irritation and dryness than soap and water

Equinade Stable Hands Sanitiser 125ml liquid spray is the perfect size for on the go! Carry a bottle in your pocket, car door or bag and you’ll always be able to sanitise your hands with a quick spray, no matter where you are.

Our 500ml gel pump is perfect for the stables, kitchen bench, office desk and anywhere else you have space to place a bottle. The 2.5L gel refill can be used to refill the gel pump bottle once it is empty.

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