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Easily removes grime and dirt from all synthetic materials. Great for saddles, harness, bridles, boots, and all plastic and vinyl goods. Brand NEW formulation has even greater cleaning power and a fun, fresh, fruity fragrance!

Synthetic Tack Cleaner


Equinade Synthetic Tack Cleaner makes cleaning your gear easy! A clever combination of powerful surface active ingredients and cleaning agents work to loosen and remove stains, dirt, sweat and built-up grime to leave your riding gear looking great again.

All vinyl, rubber and plastic items are suitable for cleaning with Equinade Synthetic Tack Cleaner, including saddles, bridles, boots, harness and helmets and couches.

Equinade Synthetic Tack Cleaner has a fresh, clean fruity fragrance and is available in an easy to use 500ml spray bottle. Refill bottles are also available in a 2.5lt size.

Visit your local equestrian or produce store to find this product and other superior quality Equinade products.

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